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Ultra Whey Protein 2.28Kg Chocolate

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Sci-MX Nutrition
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  • Whey protein isolate & concentrate blend for muscle size, strength & definition
  • Helps training for muscle size, strength & definition
  • Contains Aminogen®, Vit-MX-Build™ & OptiZyme™
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Sci-MX’s 100% Ultragen™ Whey Protein is probably the most advanced whey formulation available. Its foundation is a blend of the finest quality micro-filtered whey isolate and concentrate for faster increases in muscle size and strength.

Modern sports nutrition research has revealed ways of making whey protein even more effective, which is why Sci-MX have included the breakthrough enzyme Aminogen®. Clinical research has shown Aminogen® to increase BCAA retention by 250%, nitrogen levels in muscle by 32% and overall amino-acid plasma levels by 100%. This could aid deep muscle-tissue recovery and stimulate rapid muscle development.

Vit-MX-Build™ is also included, a specially formulated blend of zinc, magnesium, vitamins B6 and B3, which are key elements in protein metabolism and cell division. This synergy of science-proven muscle building ingredients makes 100% Ultragen™ Whey Protein the premium choice for regular gym users, serious athletes and bodybuilders.

Suggested Use

Add 2 rounded scoops to approximately 300ml of cool water. Stir directly in a glass with a fork or use a hand-held shaker for about 30 seconds. Have 2 to 3 servings daily between meals and before and after training


Ingredients: 100% Ultragen™ premium whey protein blend (whey protein concentrate**, whey protein isolate**), premium cocoa powder (chocolate flavour only), magnesium (as magnesium oxide), red beet powder (strawberry flavour only), flavouring, digestive proteases from aspergillus niger and aspergillus oryzae (Aminogen®), lactase enzymes (OptiZyme™), zinc (as zinc oxide), sweetener (sucralose), niacin (as nicotinamide), vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine-5-phosphate). **Sources of lactose and milk protein

Nutritional Info

Nutrition information Per 100g RDA per 100g Per serving RDA per serving Energy 1626kJ / 389kcal - 732kJ / 175kcal - Protein 78g - 35g - Carbohydrate 4.42g - 1.98g - of which sugars 1.24g - 0.56g - Fat 3.5g - 1.5g - of which saturates 2g - 0.9g - Fibre 1.8g - 0.81g - Sodium 0.84g - 0.38g - Niacin 11.8mg 74% 5.3mg 33% Vitamin B6 1.04mg 74% 0.47mg 33% Magnesium 277mg 74% 125mg 33% Zinc 7.4mg 74% 3.33mg 33%



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Nutritional Supplements are increasingly popular for both regular and elite Athletes. However, knowing which products or brands to use can be confusing. has tried to take make things a little easier for you.

We posed the same question to all the brands who we deal with:

Our Question

‘Please could you let me know which of your products are safe to take by tested athletes/contain no banned substances and the wording we are to use should we be asked by a tested athlete?’

The Brands Answer

‘All Sci-MX products are formulated without the use of any substances that are known to cause a positive drug test.

All reasonable precautions are taken to reduce the risk of our products causing a positive drug test. Positive drug tests that are directly attributable to taking sports supplements are extremely rare.

Sci-MX has never been implicated in a positive drug test and our products are used extensively by drug tested athletes. Many variables exists that we have no control of, for example: Medications an athlete may be taking while using our products and how such medications may affect a drug test or how such medications may interact with the use of sports supplements.

How our products are handled and what measures are taken to prevent deliberate or accidental contamination once the product is in the hands of an athlete. Each athletes’ individual biological constitution and how it may react to extreme training conditions in conjunction with using our products with other supplements and food intake. Therefore, despite the risk being extremely low, the risk ultimately lies with the athlete’

The Nutri Centre Sports Disclaimer

IMPORTANT: It is important to remember that under the overarching principle of strict liability in effect under anti-doping regulations, as an athlete, you are ultimately and completely responsible for everything that goes into your body, whether it was recommended, prescribed, or even provided by someone else. If an athlete tests positive, the result is a disqualification, and possible sanction or suspension

WARNING: Although the products identified under the ‘Tested Athlete?’ section conform to high manufacturing, labeling and ingredient processes we strongly recommend the athlete check the product against their sporting organisations ‘banned substances’ list and seek an independent analysis. The Nutri Centre Sports act in good faith and from information provided by the brands/manufacturer and therefore takes no liability whatsoever should a positive result occur during a drugs test. Liability lies with the consumer and not with The Nutri Centre Sports.
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